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Get Korean dewy glass skin with these K-Beauty lovers must-haves! In the upcoming Watsons K-Beauty box, we have picked 6 fantastic skincare products to help you get clean, healthy and supple skin.

Here are what you need to clean, exfoliate and calm your skin, to prepare it for hydration and treatment that follow.

Just checking my skin condition before I start.

#1 Pink by Pure Beauty

Bye Bye Pores Peeling Pad

This two-sided peeling pad exfoliates and cleans your skin sweeping away dead skin and excess sebum, soothing and refining your skin in one step.

To use, gently massage your whole face with the pad. Then rinse your face thoroughly after use. Don’t forget to follow with your daily skincare routine.

I prefer to use it twice a week if I am not using the clay mask that day. For me, it’s easy to tell if I got lazy and skip my deep-cleansing routine during the week—the pad just turned brown after I swipe my face…  And my skin just brightens up once I am done. Also, my skin feels clean and refreshed without being tight or dry!

#2 Cosrx

Refresh AHA BHA Vitamin C Toner

To keep your pores clean and unclogged, use a gentle exfoliating toner daily. The Cosrx Refreshing AHA BHA Vitamin C Toner clarify without the risk of over irritating and stressing your complexion. Its formula also contains AHA, BHA, and Vitamin C to improve the skin’s texture and tone to revive and resurge your skin.

The toner is watery and refreshing. It absorbs easily and does not leave behind any sticky or oily residue. After using it for a month, I could feel that my skin is less bumpy and textured. My complexion also gets less shiny too.

#2 Cosrx Refresh AHA BHA Vitamin C Toner

#3 Leaders

Calming Biotics Ampoule

The milky and rich ampoule is packed with active ingredients that help to calm the skin and maintain a healthy oil/moisture balance. The formula improves skin resilience with probiotics while deeply hydrating the skin from the inside.

It is suitable for sensitive skin and is dermatologist tested for improved recovery of the skin barrier. I like to use it when my skin is getting off-balance and sensitive, especially after sun exposure or during periods.

It feels cool and hydrating on my skin, bringing back the balance and calming the irritations.

#3 Leaders Calming Biotics Ampoule

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Pippi, 25-30 years old, Virgos

Combination skin in summer and dry in winter

Adventurous with latest skincare trends

Believes that imperfections are perfect


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