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We all know that whether your pimple is small or big, it is really annoying to treat it and cover it up. Of course, there is no miracle treatment to get rid of acne in minutes, but there are some effective ways to treat different kinds of the pimple. Read on to learn to hide those pesky pimples.


It is also called comedones that have a white, circular center surrounded by a red halo. It is suggested to extract the whitehead first for concealing it easier if it is possible. You can use clean fingers to gently squeeze the acne. Then, apply a primer to the area as a base between the blemish and your makeup. Find a concealer in a pot that usually thick enough to conceal the comedones, with a small brush to cover both the whitehead and the red.

check skin and acne closeup


Blackheads are small and dark-colored spots and you will find the surrounded skin appears normal usually. You can conceal it with liquid or cream foundation. If extra coverage is needed, you can dab on colored concealer and blend it similarly. In addition, since blackheads are primarily caused by clogged pores, you can exfoliate your face with a gentle and non-irritating scrub to get rid of current blackheads and preventing future ones.

close up macro of many acne small blackhead pimples on the nose

Cystic Acne

It is a type of headless and even painful acne that are deep below the skin. As it may be painful, it is recommended to start with compressing your skin with icy or warm water. An ice cube can soothe the soreness and warm water can kill bacteria. Then, choose a concealer formula that isn’t too creamy and apply a tiny amount of the product with a small brush for each pimple.

blemish of pus

Acne Scars

Although your blemish may get healed completely, it may still leave its mark and scars. To hide the past breakouts, you can use a concealer palette to choose the correct shade to mask your scars with a different colour.

scar  from acne  on face


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