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With the concern about the chemical and toxic ingredients and manufacturing process, the concept of “skin care” has been reviewed. Giving up the skin care products is a trend for people to retouch their skin. How it works? What happened to the skin? Any tips for this “experiment”? Here is the must-known information about days without skincare before you start.

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Why starts the day without skin care

Once you have selected a skin care product, you may wonder whether the products are really working on your face as their label claimed. And worry about how the products pass through the making procedure to become that “natural” and “harmless” facial product. Here are some cases about the experimenters have acne placed around forehead, cheeks and chin and tried many methods to cure but didn’t work at all. As the above reasons, the thoughts of giving up the skincare products pop up and see what actually happened to the skin.

Image of a young brunette woman, browsing through the shelves of a Bangkok shopping mall, looking for natural cosmetics.

How to start

Daily routine:

1.Wash face with cold water in the morning

2.Stop wearing makeup

3.Keep drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day

4.Splash with water when your face is too oily

5.Clean up face with water before sleep

Woman wakes from sleep and she was cleansing the morning before shower


1) Experiment at least 14-21 days

Some people just want to have a quick trial and wearing no skincare products only for 7days or less. However, for the first week, you may only feel dry out instead of the change of texture. Normally, it is needed at least 2 weeks for your skin to get used to no skin care products condition and adjust its skin type naturally.


2) Keep hands off your face

 To avoid any excess bacteria and oils that could lead to acne, during the experiment time, you shouldn’t touch your face with hands frequently. Remember to keep hands off your face to lower the chance of pimples growing.

Beautiful Face of Young Woman Model with Clean Fresh Perfect Healthy Skin. Age and Health Concept. Beauty Woman Portrait isolated on gray background

What happened

For most people, the result is quite shocking – the skin has never been so good before. The skin didn’t break out as a result. There is no more bumps or redness shown up. And you can start learning from your skin type and focus on the most important products you should use for skin care.

Woman face divided in pieces - showing new skin after acne treatment.

What’s Next?

You already own a new and fresh face after without wearing skin care products. After this the experiment, you can decide whether use the skin care products again or keep wash face by water. Some people start to apply coconut oil as moisturizer and their skin will become cleaner and smoother than before. Some may still wear facial products but with a new type of products that suitable for your own new skin texture since you already get to know your skin completely.

arrangement of natural herbal cosmetics on wooden background

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