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We’ve been telling you a lot about DIY skincare products like avocado face mask and coconut oil as moisturizer, those are some of the best natural skincare recipes. However, there are also a lot of kitchen ingredients that you should never put near your gorgeous face. Read on and you will be able to make some wise choices for your DIY skincare routine.


Baking soda

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When you search on internet, you will find out baking soda can actually do a lot of amazing jobs. A lot of people have even tried to make their own face scrubs and masks with baking soda. But did you know baking soda has a pH of 9? Which means it can strip all the good acid out of your face, increase dryness, and end up causing your skin to overproduce oil. Baking soda might be helpful in exfoliating your face, but it can also cause serious long-term damage to your skin. You sure know how to pick now.



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Putting egg whites in your face mask is like the oldest skincare secret told by your grandmother. But using eggs in combination with other ingredients can cause actually adverse reactions. While eggs are fairly safe for tightening your skin, you can risk being exposed to salmonella if the eggs are not preserved correctly. So, if you truly want to incorporate eggs in your skincare routine, the safest way is to get products that contains egg, as well as preservatives at your favourite beauty store.


Sugar or salt

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Sugar and salt are awesome exfoliating ingredients, but only for your body. Mixing brown sugar with coconut oil makes a killer body scrub. But remember don’t ever put the scrub on your face, because they can cause abrasion on your delicate facial skin. Didn’t you know people use sugar and salt to polish their coffee mugs? Now imagine rubbing those on your face!


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