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How to choose the best skincare products for yourself? It is important to understand your skin type. imew offered two sets of daily essentials that target customers’ different skin types. Both Aqua range and Moist range enrich with Ophiopogon Japonicus Root Extract which helps to hydrates and soften skin. Therefore, you can base on your skin type to create your own skincare formula with imew daily essentials.

I am having oily / combination skin. So, greasy skin with enlarged pores and blemishes always bothers me. I thought that I need to remove excess oil and not add more.

However, if your skin is dried out, it will produce more sebum to compensate. That’s why moisturization is your solution. As a result, the most suitable moisturizer and toner can give the skin a perfect balance of hydration and nourishment.

imew AQUA range: Perfect for Oily Skin / Combination Skin

imew Aqua Toner

Watsons imew Aqua Toner, skincare product shot in green backgrouopnd

As for the people with oily skin types, toners provide the skin with various benefits that you may overlook. Since toners can seep into the pores by giving a more complete cleansing, I often use imew Aqua after facial wash.

imew Aqua Toner helps the skin to tone up. It is watery and light, giving enough hydration to my skin. It also works well with imew 02 Booster. It’s formulated with niacinamide. So, we can mix and match these two products. As result, it gives a quick recharge and enhances radiance for tired skin.

woman hand with Watsons imew Aqua Toner, tested on hand, close up

Key Function:
• Keep skin’s tone-up, refine and hydrate
• Balance and radiate your skin

imew Aqua Bomb

Watsons imew Aqua Bomb, skincare product shot in green backgrouopnd

For oily skin types, gel moisturizer is an innately good choice. Instead of relying on richer oils and butter, they have a higher content of water. imew Aqua Bomb is very lightweight. Therefore, it can be absorbed quickly without leaving any greasy residue.

Besides, Aqua Bomb not only can refine the skin’s texture and provide moisture, they also can soothe and calm your skin.

For people who have maskne, it’s suggested to combine it with IMEW 04 Booster. It contains Centella Asiatic which provides the skin with SOS soothing and calming whenever reddish and pimple appear on the skin.

woman hands with Watsons imew Aqua Bomb

Key Function:
• Strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier
• Hydrate and smooth your skin
• Soothe and calm your skin


imew MOIST range: Dry Skin / Balanced & Normal Skin

imew Moist Toner

Watsons imew Moist Toner, skincare product shot in green backgrouopnd

Compared to Aqua Toner, Moister toner is less watery than it. However, it won’t leave a sticky feeling on my skin. It contains Glycerin, Allantoin and Sodium Hyaluronate adding extra hydration to the skin. That’s why Aqua toner is also perfect for balanced & normal skin to maintain moisture and balance sebum production.

Watsons imew Moist Toner, skincare product shot in green backgrouopnd

Key Function:
• Keep skin clear and moisturised
• Soothe and energise skin

imew Moist Whipped Cream

Watsons imew Moist Whipped Cream, skincare product shot in green backgrouopnd

If you are having dry skin, you may experience flaky or dry patches of skin. Your skin can be prone to redness. So, what you need to do is to replenish and protect the moisture barrier of the skin.

Moist Whipped Cream is formulated with shea butter and Allantoin. Therefore, it provides the skin with intensive moisture and give protection against dryness. Although, it has a thicker texture, it can be absorbed quickly without a sticky feeling.

Key Function:
• Gain protection against dryness
• Provide intensive moisture without a sticky feeling
• Keep healthy-look skin

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