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Fall is coming. Now is the perfect time to switch out your go-to moisturizer for a heftier cream to hydrate and protect your skin. You may look for a lighter option to wear under makeup in the AM and an overnight formula to make the most out of your beauty sleep. Keep reading to find the best moisturizer for fall 2019

PURE BEAUTY Pink So smooth pudding cream

So Smooth PUDDING CREAM has a soft pink packaging with black closure. It has gel texture that always contains at least one benefit: absorb fast! For the effect after use, I’d like to say it does moisturize my skin, and its texture is very cooling and refreshing. It doesn’t too heavy that makes my skin greasy for a daylong. And it didn’t irritate my skin as well. It would be ideal for those with normal to dry skin due to its hydrating properties.

0863 pic1

L’OREAL Paris white perfect day cream

For the day cream, I always prefer day creams which have SPF and PA+++ factors, because It’s important to apply sunscreen even in winter to protect yourself from harmful UVA rays. I used L’Oreal Paris day cream in the morning. And I do not use any moisturizers after applying this. After applying it, my skin feels a little bit greasy. But it does moisturize my skin so well. And it not only helps to reduce spots, but also brightens skin tone visibly. It functions so good to dry skin people.

0863 pic_2

Avène skin recovery cream

The Avène Skin Recovery Cream can be your daily moisturizer for the skin that needs to be handled with care. I like its lightweight texture that can soothe irritations and moisturize my skin. It also creates the barrier protection throughout the day that helps avoid irritation. The packaging for this is really interesting that unlike other tubes of moisturizer. Its tube is with the opening sealed shut that only opens when the tube is squeezed. It is great for acne-prone, dry, sensitive skin.

0863 pic_3

Collagen by Watsons hydro balance Moist Gel Bomb

You might be thinking that it is just a house brand, but this gel is in fact made in Korea! Its technology can highly deliver hydration into deeper skin layers that protect the skin from drying out. I can feel my skin becoming fresh, smooth and soft after applying it. And it’s also an ultra-light gel-cream that I don’t need to worry about looking like a greaseball.

0863 pic_4


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