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SOS! Skincare you need while wearing face mask

How does wearing mask irritate your skin?


As mask-wearing becomes a daily routine, you may have noticed that there is an uptick in skin irritation- may it be inflammation, rashes or breakout around nose and mouth…as a result of covering your face for long hours. This may be due to physical friction, pressure of the material on the skin, as well as dirt and oil trapped close to our skin by the mask.


Furthermore, as we breathe or talk while wearing a mask, humidity between the mask and the skin is increased, leading to the overgrowth of bacteria. This would invoke flare-up of eczema, rosacea or acne.

How to stop the skin irritation?


To prevent and stop the skin irritation, gentle cleansing and regular exfoliation can help to decrease the levels of bacteria that worsen your skin’s condition. If you are experiencing “Maskne”, consider using a cleanser that contains ingredients such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

Tips to prevent irritations from wearing face masks


To prevent irritation from high humidity and friction, provide extra nourishment to your skin throughout the day.

Target Pro by Watsons Thermal Spring Water

SOS! Skincare you need while wearing face mask
SOS! Skincare you need while wearing face mask

Soothe and refresh your skin with the Thermal Spring Water mist that contains Izumo Yumura Onsen, “Hot Water for Beauty” in Japanese culture, as well as diamond sirt and ceramide. The mist is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin and is made in Japan. Spray as often as desired or when your skin is tight. Gently pat off any excess moisture without rubbing.


The water softens keratin and removes impurities while increasing your skin’s moisture and smoothing its texture. The mist is fine and cooling, I could feel the mist gently landing on my face, soothing all discomfort brought from mask-wearing.

Collagen by Watsons Hydro Balance Facial Mist

SOS! Skincare you need while wearing face mask
SOS! Skincare you need while wearing face mask

Upgraded with the Smart Water Channel, Hydro Balance Facial Mist actively infuses water and protects skin from drying out. Use the mist post-makeup and throughout the day to keep your complexion fresh, smooth, soft and energized.


The lightly scented spray resembles a cool sea breeze on my skin, making me feel fresh and alive right away. It is great to use in office during summer afternoons.

Target Pro by Watsons SOS Cream

SOS! Skincare you need while wearing face mask

With a high concentration of the patented MultiEx BSASM, an ingredient clinically proven to calm irritation and redness, as well as to protect sensitive skin, Target Pro by Watsons SOS Cream soothes irritated skin and provides nourishing essentials to restore its natural barrier and hydration levels.


The cream is soothing and calming, leaving no tackiness to skin. After application, my hydration level boosted from 37% to 47%, while oil level dropping from 33% to 22%. The result is very satisfying and I could feel my skin getting relieved after I slathered the cream on my face after a long day.

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