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With summer just around the corner, sun safety for kids is very important. There are many options in the drugstores, but you may not know which one is the best sunscreen choice for your children. The key to keeping your child safe during the summer is to use the right sunblock. And it is also needed to minimize sun exposure. Read on to learn the common sunscreen mistakes parents make with their children.

#1 Don’t apply enough

The common mistake is that some parents don’t get the right sunscreen quantity. It totally increases the risk of sunburn and skin damage to your children. In general, you should apply at least two tablespoons (about 10ml) of sunscreen to cover the exposed parts of your body. You should ensure the important parts, such as nose, ears, neck hands and feet, are fully covered by the sun sunscreen protection. For smaller children, less quantity amount is acceptable.

Mother applying sun screen lotion on her child.

#2 Only apply once

It’s healthy and important for children to play outside during the summer. Most parents remember to apply sunscreen before the outdoor activities, but few of them repeat to apply every one to two hours. It is suggested to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before your child gets exposed to the sun and repeat the process every one to two hours. You should ensure to keep applying the sunscreen even if your child will be in the water.

The sun drawing sunscreen (suntan lotion) on baby (boy)  back. Caucasian child is sitting with plastic container of sunscreen and toys on sunny beach. Close up, outdoor (Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt).

#3 Spray sunscreen

The spray formula is very convenient that can cover your skin easily. However, when you spray, you put your child at risk to inhale the harmful chemicals. Therefore, choose the sunscreen with lotion formula to moisturize and protect your children’s skin at the same time.

Unrecognizable mother spraying suntan lotion on her son's body at the beach.

#4 Put on a baby under 6 months

Bear in mind that you should apply the sunscreen on a child under 6 months. It is suggested to wear sunscreen only for anyone who are 6 months or older. For those who under 6 months, you should limit the exposure to the sun. keep the baby covered with hot and clothes to protect their sensitive skin.

Mother applying sunblock cream on daughter shoulder


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