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It’s March already! Can’t wait to unbox the Watsons Beauty Box for March. Their monthly theme for March is “7 Days Masks Challenge” that featuring a total of 14 pieces of masks that you can use everyday! What is more, those selected masks are made in Korea as well. It is such a good news for those who are crazy in facial masks like me. Here are the reviews for one of their box collections. If you are interested in their other collection, click here to explore!

OH K! Bubble Sheet Mask

0302 pic1
0302 pic1b

I feel fun and surprised when I open the mask. I followed the instruction to rub the mask sachet before opening. And when I apply it on my face, I feel the bubble on the sheet really exfoliating my skin. It cleaned my skin so deep.


0302 pic1c


0302 pic1d

LEADERS – Medium Amino Moisture Mask

0302 pic 2
0302 pic 2b

After tried this mask, this should be one of my favourite moisturizing masks! It has a lot of serum that when I removed the mask and my face was still wet with essence.

0302 pic 2c
0302 pic 2d

The mask has instantly hydrated my skin, and I felt so fresh that my skin just needed it so much. My skin felt so soft and plump after. It is very moisture and not irritated and the moisture could keep very well into the morning. You won’t be disappointed by this mask!

I’M SORRY FOR MY SKIN – pH5.5 Jelly Mask – Relaxing

0302 pic 3
0302 pic 3b

The essence of the mask contains chamomile and Cica extract that helps to relieve your stress after a long working day. When I opened the mask, there is a very thick jelly texture with the essence. And it has a very generous amount of essence packed in each pack. I also love the smell of the mask; it makes me relax after a long working day. After 20 minutes, when I took off the mask, it calmed my skin and left my skin brighter and hydrated.

OH K! Gold Dust Under Eye Mask

0302 pic 4
0302 pic 4b

When I first take out this under eye mask, I think it has a great and protective packaging with golden design. There are two gel patches that formulated with light reflecting gold extracts, honey and argan oil that provide an intense boost of moisture around the under-eye area.

After 30 minutes, my skin feels tighter and refreshed. The under-eye area is just hydrated and plump. Also, I have dark circles under my eyes that the mask can fake 8 hours of sleep the night before. It is highly recommended to use the mask after late nights.

0302 pic 4c

LEADERS Shining Effect Brightening Pearl Mask

0302 pic 5
0302 pic 5b

As I mentioned above, I am one of the fans of the brand – Leaders. I am so excited to try this pearl mask that claims to help treat dull and uneven skin tone. The essence is in pearl white color and the smell is great that can make you feel relax in the following 30 minutes. The essence seems a bit thick but easily to spread on your skin.

After I took off the mask, I could see the mask did help brighten my skin around my chin, cheeks and forehead. Also, my skin was so moisturized and soft in the next morning. I really enjoyed this experience.

0302 pic 5c

FAITH IN FACE After Shower Look Hydrogel Mask

0302 pic 6
0302 pic 6b

When I look into the packaging of the mask, I am so interested that it claims to give you a moisturized and fresh look just like after a shower. The truth is when all of us step out of the shower, we find that our skin looked brighter and hydrated. So I really look forward to how my skin will look like after taking off the mask. The mask is a gel-type mask that has two parts for your upper face and lower face separately. I like the design that gets attached to everyone’s face  


0302 pic 6c


0302 pic 6d

After 30 minutes, it did hydrate and moisturize my face. My skin feels plump and soft after usage. And you will see the pore size reduced as well. I can feel my skin glow and fresh the next day also. I love the mask so much that I will recommend it to my friends for sure.

I’M SORRY FOR MY SKIN S.O.S Jelly Mask – Soothing

0302 pic 7
0302 pic 7b

This is my first time to use this jelly mask, I was surprised by the amount of its serum. It comes with so much serum that dotted with gold specks. It makes me feel so elegant that can’t wait to see how it works. The serum seems thick, but it is in fact easy to apply to my face. It is suggested to use after exfoliating.

After 20 minutes to remove the mask, it is not only refreshing and hydrating my skin, I can also feel a soothing sensation. It restores the moisture of my skin immediately and my skin looks smoother after usage.

0302 pic 7c

Editor’s details

Anna, 25-30 years old, Sagittarius.

Dry skin type, crazy about facial mask.

Love desserts & Travel!


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