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What is the secret of being a stylish guy? They always look so confident and comfortable with being themselves. There is no short cut. You have to cultivate their daily habits that can transform yourself like the way they are! Are these habits difficult? No, it is handy and simply. Why not just get started with it today?

1. Shave and trim

Your beard is something you have to take care every day no matter you like it or not. If you shave it every day, then you will have to do it properly. When it comes to beard grooming, It is worthy to invest in good quality of razors, such as multiple blade, FlexBall Technology, flip trimmer. With a good razor, you will have a clean-shaven face! Yet, don’t forget to apply after-shave! Some of you may grow your beard from a period of time, it is important to wash it and trim it daily!

Young man shaving in front of a bathroom mirror

2. Keep their skin refresh

A well groom man knows skin care is very essential as it reflect your age and your state of mind. If you would like to keep your skin refresh, you will have to do the facial cleansing both day and night. When it comes to men who have dry skin, then you can simply apply moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. Using sheet mask once a week is very common for men’s grooming, you can keep your skin clean and soft!

Men cleansing

3. Maintain good scents

Many men overlook the importance of scents; it is not a matter for women only. Your smell always define what kind of person you are, are you clean? Are you organised? Do you have high standard of hygiene? Imagine how someone would smell after a sweaty workout or ball game session, you will definitely find out the answer. Wearing a clean, fresh and subtle body spray would help you maintain good scents!

Vietnamese young man spraying perfume

4. Get in shape

Confidence is one very obvious sign of stylish guys; they can fit in every single item they wear. Why? It doesn’t come with natural. Doing daily exercise is their secret weapon to get in shape. If you want to look great, you will have to arrange at least 30 minutes workout sessions to tone your chest, core and shoulders. With regular exercise, you will benefit from greater skin, better metabolism rate and stress relief; as a result, you will get in shape and being strong mentally.

young asian male jogger with fitness tracker attached to arm running with skyline in the background.

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