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Why struggle to keep your long hair on these hot summer days? Maybe it’s time for a refreshing new haircut! If you take a stroll down the streets of Europe, you’ll see many cool looks for short hair. Here are some of summer’s trendiest ideas for someone chic like you.

0801 pic_1

Super-Short Tomboy Bangs

If you have a high forehead, trying to cut your bangs really short so they only cover about half of your forehead. When you trim your hair, leave the ends pointy to make your layers stand out.

 0801 pic_2

’60s Retro Style

Take a cue from famous British model Twiggy’s iconic hairstyle in the ’60s. Keep your hairline clean, but instead of parting your bangs, make them wavy and curl inwards. This can add texture to your look, and is definitely more fun!

 0801 pic_3

“Wet” Party Look

This slicked-back hairdo will flatter your facial features. Use gel to give your hair the signature “wet” look. It’s perfect for parties! For a polished touch, you can let your hair rest just 2 inches above your shoulders, or add inside curls to look fancier.

 0801 pic_4

Romantic Curls

2018’s hottest hair trend is big, wavy hair that looks messy and casual, sexing up your style without looking like you are trying too hard. Here’s another way to make your face look slimmer: Curl your hair ends outwards and curl the hair at the back of your skull inwards. Give your look a final touch by tousling your hair with your fingers to make it fluffy. For a more romantic look, try bigger curls.

 0801 pic_5

A Bob Cut

If your face has a long shape, a bob cut will make you look chic. Leave your bangs curved to draw attention to your facial features, but make sure they don’t cover your eyebrows. Best of all, this cut will make you look younger than you are!


Your hair is an integral part of your appearance. Summer is the perfect time to try out a new haircut to complement your hot outfits!



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