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Coconut oil isn’t something new. While people call it the “wonder oil” as it provides the best of the best benefits to us, what coconut oil brings to us is not only health benefits, but also much more when used as a hair mask, face wash, lip scrub, and more.

Boost your beauty game with the multi-tasking oil and keep your skin happy.

Lip balm

When you start using coconut oil as a lip balm, you will forget to worry about chapped lips. It gives an ultra-hydrating function that moisturizes our lips. Also, as it’s semisolid at room temperature, you can just pack a bit in a spare contact lens holder. And keep dabbing it on your lips throughout the day.

Makeup Remover

Coconut oil is indeed a natural, cost-effective alternative to your usual cleansers. When it comes to a makeup remover, coconut oil even works on waterproof mascara. Rub it on your palms to warm it up, since the warmth helps melt makeup quicker. Massage gently over your face and your makeup will come off quickly. Then remove with a muslin cloth before doing your second cleanse to remove any residue, leaving your skin incredibly soft and clean

You will find that coconut oil as a makeup remover can break down waxy, inky eye makeup and even leaves the delicate area hydrated.

Hair mask

Hair products often contain coconut oil as ingredient as it easily penetrates the strands and helps prevent protein loss. You can even use it as a hair mask to improve the appearance and health of your hair. Apply a generous amount of the oil to wet hair strands after shampooing and twist your hair into a bun. Leave it for around 10 minutes then rinse. It can protect the fragile ends of your hair and prevent loss.

Add shine to your locks

You can add shine to your hair with coconut oil to avoid silicones and similar ingredients that damage your hair. Use a tiny amount of oil as a shine serum on the ends of dry hair to add shine. It leaves your hair glistening and smooth in appearance.

Avoid razor burn & bumps

Switch your shaving cream for coconut oil to prevent razor burns or bumps. Slather on a small amount of melted coconut oil, and glide the razor over your legs, arms, or underarms. The skin-soothing oil, packed with Vitamin E and antioxidants, can smooth and nourish your skin as you shave to avoid razor burn. On top of that, coconut oil smells so much nicer than conventional chemical shaving creams.

Save your cracked heels

Coconut oil can do wonders on dry, cracked heels in the winter, thanks to the saturated fats found in it. It is rapidly absorbed into the epidermis, turning even the driest feet into oh-so-soft feet. Make sure you massage the coconut oil into your feet after a shower, when your skin is still damp, to lock the moisture in. Did I mention coconut oil can be used to treat fungal infections too?


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