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Let “lovely” and “easy to pull off” be the two goals of your Valentine’s Day hairdo this year. Here are some great suggestions for you

0201 pic_1_South Asian Model

Two-strand front braid

Who said braids are only good for summer? Braids can actually be a perfect for a romantic date. Two-strand braid is easy to create and yet make you look fresh by keeping the hair off of your face. Simply separate the front section of the hairline into two pieces, then place the right section under the left, and left under the right, creating a twist all the way back past your ear, then add an extra section of hair to start a regular three-strand braid. Continue the regular braid down several inches and secure with an elastic.

0201 pic_2_South Asian Model

Big Bouncy curls pinned behind one ear

A side-swept look is a great looking hair style that you can easily achieve by yourself. First up, find out which side of your head has more hair, then blow dry the side with less hair up and away from your face. If you wish to create voluminous waves, use hot rollers throughout your hair and then pull back the side with less hair, secure it with a hair accessory or simply slick back using a flat comb. Lastly, secure the styling with hairspray. You can even wear a pair of statement earrings to give your look a stunning finish.

0201 pic_3_South Asian Model

Curly pony

Curly ponytail can be taken from day to night as a perfect look for those with shoulder length and long hair. If you want a curly ponytail for formal occasion, simply add a bump. Whether you’re attending a romantic dinner or a cocktail date, this easy hairdo sure gives an elegant touch to your style.


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