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When you find a hair color that suits your skin tone, it brings out the best of you and tells a lot about your style. Yet, it is time to be bold and unlock your hidden beauty. We have come up top fall hair color trends and ideas for a new look in 2019. Are you ready to shake up your look?

1. Lilac Hair

The light purple has been a hot hair color since the end of 2018, and the trend doesn’t go away yet. It is still a hot search on Pinterest. As for celebrity, both Lady Gaga, Cardi B and the golden girl, Megan Rapinoe is the big fan of lilac hair. Lilac hair color looks perfectly cool on lighter skin tone with some curls.


2. Glitch Hair

Everyone likes unicorn, why not be the unicorn with glitch hair? When it comes to glitch hair, you may decide dye all your hair with rainbow color. Wanna start with a smaller step? Why not dye your upside hair with blonde color and try multi-colored on the underside of your hair.


3. Inky Black Hair

We know both lilac hair and glitch hair are not in office lady’s favor. Office chic doesn’t mean you can’t be a trendy lady. Why not try the inky black hair? The inky black hair is rich, shiny and glossier; it helps you to get super voluminous hair. Let’s discover your inner elegance with inky black hair.


4. Chestnut color

Autumn is the season of chestnut! The chestnut color is another favorable hair color for office lady! The chestnut color has been upgraded with light brown highlights. It is perfectly good for those who want to stand out from the crowd but keep it low profile at the same time. Even better, tie a pony tail!



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