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When you are in the gym, you should focus on shaping your body and keeping it healthy and fit, then you know the importance of keeping your hair in one place. However, it doesn’t mean that you should not try to look pretty without any makeup or extravagant clothing. In fact, you can still show your sense of style through the sportswear you pick and other important details like your hairstyle. You can try out these easy ways to do your hair for sports tutorial.

0433 pic_1

Spiral Cascading Ponytail

Ponytail is the most popular hairstyle for workout. In order to make yours different, spice up your workout ponytail by adding a one-sided braid to the construction. Spread your ponytail hair and start braiding from the top and gradually increase the distance between the braid and the hair band. Keep the braid loose so it can curl up at the end.

0433 pic_2

Side Braids Merge into Ponytail

Side braids merge into ponytail is a simple and beautiful hairstyle which will you only take 5 minutes to do it. It is not only good for going gym, but can also accompany you to a formal ball. Keep your hair messy so there is some volume inside, then work your way to the back of your head with side braids, and finally, merge the braids with the rest of the hair in a mid-level ponytail.

0433 pic_3

Upside Down Dutch Braid with Top Knot

Except ponytail, top knot is also a good choice for those who get easily distracted by the long tail hitting against our shoulders. Dutch braid that starts at the base of the neck, and moves up into a top knot make a super clean hairstyle for your workout.

0433 pic_4

Rope Bun Wrapped with a Braid

This workout hairstyle gives you more texture and diversity in a single look and is really easy to pull off. Separate a piece of hair from the rest and start braiding it. Let it fall on your side and await its fate. Take the rest of the hair and twist. Don’t pull it away from you, in fact, leave a soft grip so that the twisted hair naturally forms a rope. Fix it in place with a hair band, and only then wrap the braid around it. Do the final fixes with bobby pins.









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