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Can’t think of a look or manicure design to use? Get inspired with these five must-have beauty apps!

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1/ Beautylish

This global platform founded in the US allows you to search and share new cosmetic products and makeup techniques. It features all the hottest Fashion and Beauty gossip while its Editorial column offers many tips on makeup and health.

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2/ Beauty Keeper

This handy app reminds you when your beauty products will expire. Enter the details of your cosmetic and skincare products and receive push notifications one month prior to the expiry date. It also helps you check the expiry date of many European and American beauty products. Simply enter the lot numbers of the products and it’ll show the date. However, this doesn’t work for a large number of Asian brands.

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3/ Looks

Looks is a new makeup selfie camera launched by LINE Corporation. It creates instant and automatic simulated makeup effects. This lets you try out different looks on the fly. Because the app collaborates with popular cosmetic brands, it’s able to provide natural-looking and realistic previews. It’s a big help with designing your look while giving you tips on what to do and how to do it.

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4/ Makeup genius by L’Oréal

A makeup simulator launched by popular cosmetic brand L’Oréal. Its ‘magic mirror’ lets users see what they look like wearing different makeup without actually applying the products in real time. Most of the makeup available is suited to European and American facial features. If you like your look in the app, you can directly purchase the relevant products through it.

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5/ OPI Nail Studio

As its name suggested, this app was launched by OPI. Different nail colors work better on some skin tones than others. While you can try different nail polish at brand counters or boutiques, this app lets you see how OPI’s products look on your hands wherever you are. It’s now even easier to pick out your favorite color!


If you have a hard time figuring out your makeup or find yourself lost in the ocean of ever-changing beauty trends and information, download these apps which KOLs recommend them too!





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