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Time can be cruel, especially to women. Your 20s are a good time to start creating your whole-life beauty routine. Apply eye cream to combat eye wrinkles that will appear in the unknown future! Not sure how to do it? Find out now!


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 1.      Use your fingertips

Apply a pea-sized amount of eye cream to your fingertips. Do not rub it on the palm! Always use your ring finger to gently massage the cream into the skin from the inner to the outer corners of your eye area then go upward until it is absorbed completely.

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 2.      Follow a circle & pat

Apply eye cream as gently as possible. Do it in a circular motion slowly and gently pat the skin around your eyes. Do not leave out the corners of the eyes!


 3.      Direction of finger movement

Apart from massaging from the inner to the outer corners, you also need to pay attention to the direction of application, depending on the effects of the cream. Creams that combat eye wrinkles should be massaged in the direction of the growing patterns of lines of the skin. Creams that erase dark circles should be gently patted from the inner corner outwards.

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 4.      Prevent the formation of milia seeds

When certain nutrients over-accumulate or are not fully absorbed, they can stimulate the skin to produce milia seeds. Warm up the eye cream before applying by rubbing it with your two ring fingers. The cream will be more easily absorbed into the skin, so it will not cause milia.


Nothing is more important than a pair of shining eyes. Just as it is essential to keep the romance going in your relationship, the skin around your eyes needs constant care!




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