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Have you ever noticed how acne seems to appear on the skin beneath the frames of your glasses? Beside hormones and pollution, if you wear glasses on a regular basis, your eyewear may be to blame. Wearing glasses can be facial nightmare, but in order to ensure perfect vision and maintain perfect skin at the same time, you need to follow some tips here.


Wash Your Glasses Regularly

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Clean your frames daily because frames collect bacteria and dirt over time. Use water, paper towel and rubbing alcohol to wash your glasses and avoid cleaning solutions like ammonia, bleach, vinegar, or window cleaner because these chemicals can damage your lens’ coatings.


Store Your Glasses Properly

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Store Your glasses properly, carry a case with you so that you can leave glasses inside the glasses box when you take off them. Make sure you don’t put your glasses on your head. Hair produces oil throughout the day, so you want to keep your glasses away from touching your hair. Otherwise, your glasses will be full of hair oil and affect your skin when you put it on.


Wear Glasses with Perfect Size

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Wear glasses that fit perfectly on your face to reduce the number of times you have to touch your face to readjust your glasses. The more the time you touch your face, the higher the chance to have breakouts. However, too tight is also a problem. Wearing very tight glasses will increase the pressure on your skin which may also lead to acne.


Switch to Contact Lens

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Switch to contact lens and eliminate the possibility of acne caused by glasses. Just make sure to give your eyes a break, too.


Wearing glasses is convenience for those who have poor eye-sight and it can be a fashionable accessory too. Thus, with proper habits, you can still wear glasses with perfect skin.



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