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Have you ever wondered why you have a slim body but facial swelling? In the market, there are many different techniques and treatments which can help you reduce face bloating. However, all of them are expensive. Fortunately, today we are here to teach you DIY massaging tricks that can help you get a less puffy face instantly.


Step 1: Apply Toner and Serum

The toner and serum help to massage the skin smoothly without having to rub and irritate dry skin. Every morning after cleansing your face, mix some amount of toner and serum in the palm of your hand and rub massage points on face and neck where lymphatic fluids may be clogged, which can lead to facial swelling.


Step 2: Press the Area Right Beneath where Your Collarbone Starts

0416 pic_1_0

In this step, some people may feel a bit pain. This is because there are lymphatic fluids clogged in the area. Once you release your fingers, the painful feeling will stop.


Step 3: Rub the Sides of Your Neck

0416 pic_2_0

Do this step in a downward motion gently. Start it from the area under your ears to your shoulders. By rubbing he sides of your neck, tense muscles can be relaxed, and toxins can also be released from your body.


Step 4: Press the Front Tips of Your Eyebrows

0416 pic_3_0

This helps to reduce swelling around the eyes. You can simply use your knuckle to press gently. After it, place pressure on the lower half of the area between your bottom lip and chin.


Step 5: Press the Soft Patch of Skin in Front of Your Earlobes

0416 pic_4

When you find the area that you can feel hurt when you put pressure on it, then that is the right place. Massage this area for a few seconds. Then, massage the area that caves in right behind your earlobes.


Try it every day and you can say good-bye to your facial swelling.



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