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When we were little girls, many of us tried on our mom’s high heels and imagined how great it would be to wear them once we were grown. Unfortunately, when we did grow up, we were disillusioned to find out that high heels aren’t actually all that comfy. However, these tricks can help you ease the pain, so you can keep your childhood dream alive.


Use shoe insoles

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Different varieties of insoles can help correct footwear and make them more comfortable, as well as prevent corns and blisters. You can also use insoles in oversized high heels to make them fit and feel better.


Wear shoes with straps

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Shoes with straps can save you from embarrassment when walking in heels, by keeping your heels from sticking out in the back or your toes from sliding forward and touching the floor. This chic design is perfect for mastering the art of walking in high heels.


Choose thicker heels

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When you wear a thicker heel or platform pump, the angle of your foot is actually much less acute than when you wear a thin heel. Sturdier heels give your feet more stability and greater comfort.


Choose open-toe high heels

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High heels tend to put all the pressure on the balls of your feet, which means your poor toe bones get hit the hardest. Open-toe shoes release the pressure on your toes, upping your comfort level!


Stretch your shoes with thick socks

0718 pic_5

Put on a pair of thick socks or a few pairs of thin ones, and then squeeze your feet into your shoes. Turn on your blow dryer and run hot air on the narrower part of the shoes, moving your toes around inside your shoes while the dryer is on to stretch out the material.

Sometimes we girls put ourselves through a lot of pain just to look pretty. But with a few tricks to help out, it’s not that hard to walk effortlessly and elegantly in high heels after all!






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