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Exercise can rev up your metabolism, burn calories and release feel-good hormones which is undeniably good for your health and can elevate your mood. However, for those who are constantly breaking their own records at the gym are putting their skin in danger by constantly exposing it to bacteria and toxins and sweat can clog pores and cause breakouts. But no worries, these simple yet effective steps are your gateway to a healthy skin!



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Exfoliating the skin before cleansing might give better results of your skincare. As the top layer of the skin is exposed to pollution and debris after workout, skin cleanser alone can’t fully clean the dirt on face. Exfoliating help remove the dead skin cells and speeds up the skin renewal process and enhance the effectiveness of cleansing procedure.



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Cleansing also allows you to maintain an ideal pore size, which helps in reducing acne. This step can also boost your facial hydration level. Generally, cleanser is alkaline, and it counteracts to the naturally acidic layer of your skin. But there are many different types of cleanser in the market, make sure you understand your skin type before choosing your suitable facial cleanser and be aware of the ingredients used.



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Toning balances your skin’s pH level, and this is a step majority of us tend to skip. You should use toner to tone your skin at least twice daily. It is best to use non-alcoholic toners, as they can be quite harsh on the skin.



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Moisturizing is a MUST! As we grow older, our skin will lose its natural moisturizing properties, so we must moisturize our skin! Again, varieties of choices in the market, find a moisturizer that suits your skin by beauty experts. A good moisturizer can reduce the appearance of blemishes and fights wrinkles.




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