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Have your trotters been stuck in studded boots and fuzzy socks for the last six months? Ours, too… and it ain’t a pretty sight! With spring well under way and summer just around the corner, we’re doing everything we can to channel sunny vibes, which means getting our tootsies ready for sandal season. So if the nail polish from your staff Christmas party is still clinging to the tip of your big toe, it might be time to treat your feet. Here’s our guide to the perfect pedi pamper sesh.

0435 pic_1

Soak ’n’ scrub

Before you even think about touching your toenails, you gotta give your feet a good ol’ soak. Get a bowl of warm water that you can dunk your feet in and add a few drops of Tea Tree Oil. The water will soften any hard skin you might have, and the tea tree oil will help fight toenail and foot fungus. Soak for 10-15 minutes, then pat dry with a clean towel. Now it’s time to scrub away that dead skin. Use a gentle cream exfoliator or go all out with express pedi gadget, an electronic file, depending on how much dead skin you need to get rid of.

 0435 pic_2

Moisture bomb

Post-scrub is the best time to get moisture back into your feet. The skin on our feet is much thicker than in other areas of our body, so intensive, thick and creamy foot cream will get in there and give you silky-smooth tootsies. For an extra treat, get your foot in foot mask giving your feet a big dose of moisture and nourishment.

 0435 pic_3

Pretty pedi

No pedicure is complete without a little (or lotta!) nail care. Treat your toes like your fingers and put some effort into prepping the nails before you paint them. Push back the cuticles and trim them if necessary. They’re now ready to paint.






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