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Keeping your skin fresh in summer is a big challenge. How to avoid a greasy face and protect your skin from sun damage? Choosing suitable grooming products are important. Here are some ultimate tips of men’s grooming during the summer.

Man washing face in morning and practicing hygiene

(1) Oil-control Face Wash

Face cleansing is the first step of the daily grooming routine. An oil-control face wash is a must-have item for summer. It can not only remove the dirt and excess oil but also minimize the production of sebum and avoid the greasy face. Keep your skin clear to avoid clogged pores and prevent breakouts during these hot and humid weathers.

Young man with moisturizer on the face

(2) Oil-free Moisturizer

Don’t apply too heavy and rich products to your face when summer comes. It may make your face look oily and cause breakouts. Use oil-free and lightweight moisturizers to lock in the moisture and minimize oil production. Choose the one containing hyaluronic acid even can help your skin retain moisture for a longer time. A moisturizing gel is an ideal texture for the summer.

Young man applying lotion to face

(3) Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen daily is essential to fight against sun damage. Strong and harmful UV rays can accelerate skin aging and may cause sunburn. SPF 30 or higher sunscreen can provide a full spectrum of UVA and UVB sun protection. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure and remember to reapply the same amount every 2 hours.

Young hispanic people and male beauty. Confident metrosexual man using spray deodorant on underarm skin, smiling and looking at mirror.

(4) Deodorant

Hot and humid weathers keep you sweating. Sweat may create a bad odor. Deodorant can keep you smell good anytime and deliver long-lasting freshness. You can also pick an antiperspirant to prevent your armpits from sweating. Both are subtle to pack in your work bag or gym bag.


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