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For those with a hectic schedule, when it comes to lose weight, find a time to workout is always the biggest challenge. If spare some time to go to gym is too difficult for you, just try the simple exercises here to get yourself moving.

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Swiftly moving from standing to squatting to push-up position challenges all your muscles. The work out also releases endorphins, which can leave you feeling good even hours after your workout.

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Jumping jack

It is a do-anywhere moves that involves jumping to a position with legs spread wide and hands touching overhead, sometimes in a clap, and then returning to a position with the feet together and the arms at the sides. It shows up in many hard-core workouts as the jumping pump up your heart rate in no time.

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Mountain climber

This cardio move helps strengthen legs and core muscles. In the plank position, make sure your hands are directly underneath your shoulders, shoulder-width apart. Once you are aligned in the plank position, draw your right knee into your chest then extend your right leg back into plank position. Repeat on the other side.

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Begin in a plank position. Jump your feet to the outside of your hands, coming into a deep squat and keeping your hands on the floor, then jump back to plank. Repeat in a quick succession. It is a great combination of hip flexibility, arm and torso strength, and balance control.

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High knees

Run in place while engaging your core and pumping your arms. The goal should be to keep your knees high and maintain an upright posture. Performing high knees gets your blood pumping while activating your core and strengthening your legs.









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