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Having trouble falling asleep at night? Many adults may experience some symptoms of insomnia. Depression, mental stress or chronic pain might influence your sleep quality. We have rounded up some tips for you to improve the chances of falling asleep quickly and help you stay asleep throughout the night.

(1) Adjust the room temperature and darkness

According to the experts from Medical School, the key to fall asleep quickly is about the dark, cool and comfortable room. The temperature range to help you fall asleep in faster is between 15-23 °C. If the room temperature is too warm, you may feel uncomfortable and unable to fall asleep. And the darkness room creates a “time to sleep“ signal to your brain to  make you feel sleepy.

Electric lamp and book on bedside table in bedroom, selective focus

(2) Stop looking at your clock or phone

When you try to fall asleep, it is not a good idea to watch the clock constantly. Often checking the time at night can ruin your rest time, increase your stress level. Try not to stare at your phone or clock when you try to sleep. Feel relax and get comfortable to help you fall asleep faster.

Asian girl looking alarm clock after waking up late.

(3) 4-7-8 breathing exercise

A simple technique – 4-7-8breathing exercise can help you drop off to sleep in even 30 seconds or less. The breathing method can slow your heart rate, relax your nervous system, increase the amount of oxygen in your body. Here are the simple steps:


1.Exhale completely through your month

2.Close your month. Breathe through your nose for 4 seconds

3.Hold your breath for 7 seconds

4.Exhale completely through your mouth for 8 seconds

5.Repeat the cycle three times

Portrait of teenage boy wearing pajamas meditating with eyes closed while sitting on bed in lotus position trying to sleep at night

(4) Focus on staying awake

When you go to bed and force yourself to fall asleep faster, it will be harder for you to sleep eventually. A study found if you lay in bed and try to stay awake with eyes open or to read some paper books, you will fall asleep quicker than force yourself to fall asleep.

Beautiful biracial Asian Caucasian teen girl reading book  in bed at night with yellow lamp light on walls

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