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We believe that most of the people are hygiene-conscious. Yet, some “healthy” hygiene habits are nightmares but dressed like a daydream. We have selected 4 very common and healthy habits that are actually bad for you in the long term. To get rid of these habits, keep reading down to recognize them and learn the reasons behind.

1. Wash your hair too much

Nobody wants their hair look too shiny and greasy. During summer, we understand that your hair gets oily and sweaty once you step out of your house. Yet, it doesn’t mean that you should wash it once it looks a bit greasy. Why? According to expert, most of the shampoo is packed with chemicals like sulfates which would dry and damage hair. Besides, washing your hair too much would clear natural oil from your hair. If you really need to keep washing your hair more than once a day, expert recommended you to choose sulfates-free shampoo to reduce damage to your hair.

A woman taking a shower and washing her hair.

2. Apply fragrance in underwear

We know how much you are obsessed with your scent, wearing too much is a big “no-no”. Needless to say, applying fragrance in your underwear is definitely a wrong thing to do. Why? The most fragrance is packed with chemicals that affect the Ph level of our skin that may cause yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, and urinary tract infection. If you want to keep your nether regions clean, just do shower regularly and your vagina will take care of the rest!

Organized Woman's Bra and underwear drawer

3. Brush your teeth right after eating

You may think you care your teeth so much so you brush your teeth right after eating. However, it may be the reason makes you suffer from tooth decay. It sounds unfair but it’s not too late to learn the reason. There are some foods contain citric acid that can weaken tooth enamel, and brushing too soon would worsen the damage. To prevent tooth decay, the expert recommends waiting at least 30 minutes to let saliva neutralize the acid and strengthen the enamel.

young attractive asian woman with healthy teeth holding a tooth brush

4. Sanitize your hands regularly

You may drop your jaw when you saw this line. Yes, to do more good than harm, you should switch to wash your hands with water and soap instead of pumping your hand sanitizer. The research showed that long term exposure to certain ingredients causes health risk thanks to bacteria resistance.

Close-up Of A Woman Using Rubbing Alcohol


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