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Keto Diet Common Mistakes, Keto Diet

In recent years, keto diet becomes the most popular way to lose weight. Keto diet is a high-fat and low-carb diet to reduce weight, which is different from our traditional eating concepts. However, some of them cannot lose weight, but also have side effects. What are the common keto diet mistakes?

Keto Diet

What is Keto Diet?

The keto diet (ketogenic diet) is a high-fat, sufficient protein and low-carbohydrate (less than 20 grams per day) diet. Body will be changed to the metabolic state called “ketosis”. The body will lack glucose by controlling the intake of carbohydrates. And, the liver will start to burn fats and ketones as energy for the body.

If you have concerns or questions, please seek medical advice before starting any diet plan.

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Mistake #1: Eating not enough fats

Most of us have a common concept that fat is not good for health. Eat too much fats will increase the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease. However, keto diet is a high-fat diet to lose weight. Many people still feel strange and are afraid of eating fats. You need to consume 70% fat of your daily calories to implement a keto diet successfully. Therefore, we should consume enough natural fats from olive oil, coconut oil and butter.

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Mistake #2: Eating wrong fats

Another common mistake is eating wrong fats. You should avoid eating processed fats like vegetable and seed oils absolutely. Right fats are fish oil, saturated fats (animal fats, butter, coconut oil) and monounsaturated fats (olive oil).

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Mistakes #3: Eating too much protein

Many people misunderstand keto diet means eating a lot of meat to get fats. In fact, eating meat not only consumes a lot of fat, but also intakes a lot of protein. Excessive protein will be converted into glycogen. Ketone cannot be produced if too much glycogen in the body. Therefore, we must pay attention to the intake of protein.

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Mistake #4: Looking for a quick fix

Keto diet is not a quick fix to lose weight. It is a lifestyle change that you need to change your eating habits. You cannot get a permanent result if you cannot stick with keto diet for long-term.

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Mistake #5: Eating not enough vegetables

Many people neglect to eat vegetables when going on keto diet. As they intake insufficient vitamins, dietary fiber and minerals, it might cause nausea, cramps or constipation.


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