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Mornings are tough. We jump out of bed, grab a coffee and rush out the door for work…worrying what might happen today. Does it sound familiar with you? To quash morning anxiety, follow this 5-step morning routine to beat anxiety and set the right tone of the day.

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#1 Out in the sun

Spend some time out in the sun for a healthy dose of Vitamin D, “the sunshine vitamin”. If you are not getting enough Vitamin D, you are more susceptible to anxiety and depression. Try to wake up earlier and talk a stroll out in the sun for about 15 minutes. When your skin is exposed to sunlight, it makes this nutrient from cholesterol. Yup, the sun is your best source of Vitamin D, but you can also supplement with Vitamin D3.

Young woman drinking coffee at home early in the morning

#2 Have a healthy breakfast

Start your day with a healthy breakfast to boost your mood and set the tone for the rest of the day. The fact is when we sleep, our brain is deprived of the nutrients we normally get from food and trigger our body to release adrenaline. a stress hormone. Try to include mood-boosting foods like Greek yoghurt, bananas, oatmeal, eggs and nuts. Be sure to stay away from refined sugar and processed foods to avoid a mood crash later on.

Granola with banana, strawberry and yogurt in bowl on gray concrete background. Top view. Healthy eating, healthy breakfast, fitness menu

#3 Practice morning stretches

Making morning stretches a part of your daily routine to ease stress and anxiety. How good it is to stretch it out, before the rush of the day? It is a great way to reduce stress before the day as the movements improve blood flow and activate the parasympathetic nervous system. Take 5-10 in the morning to do some quick and easy stretches to prepare yourself physically and mentally for the day ahead.

Cropped shot of a young woman practicing yoga at home

#4 Listen to happy songs

Happy music triggers the brain to release dopamine, a “feel food hormone, and instantly put you in a good mood. Let’s give it a shot and create your own “happiness” playlist with songs that you like, from classic oldies to modern pop songs. Sing along to uplifting, energising tunes as you get ready, and dance out the negative energy.

Girl listening to music at home on the sofa

#5 Set a daily schedule

Having your day planned out beforehand can help combat nervous energy. If you create a daily schedule with a to-do-list, you will feel better and more in control as making extra, spontaneous decisions may trigger anxiety.



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