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You may think it is impossible to make your skin glowing when you have pores on your face. Don’t lose your faith. Whether your pore is big or small, you can make it disappear (for a while) with some easy hacks. How does this magic work? Keep reading down to find out how to hide pores with simple make-up hacks!

1. Begin with serum

Before applying any make-up base, it is important to treat your skin with right serum.  Correcting serum would help you to even your skin tone and reduce dark circle from time to time. As it takes care of your skin complexion, you will find your skin becomes younger and more radiant. With the better skin tone, you will find your foundation will cover your pores in a better way!

Close up of woman hands with makeup applying serum treatment.

2. Play with primer

When you have oily skin, the make-up primer is good for you to combat the shine and smooth your skin. The primer can be used before your foundation, it can help to fill in your pores. Not only does it help you to hide your pores, but it also helps you to smooth fine lines. How to apply it? You can simply apply the primer dot by dot on your targeted area. As for larger pores, you can apply on your nose and cheek to minimize the appearance of pores.

Make up artist applying liquid face powder foundation to a female client's face with a make up brush

3. Choose the Cushion Compacts

Cushion compacts become a hot item these years, it becomes a good friend for those who are rush in the morning, many people choose to use cushion compacts due to its convenience.  You can create seamless coverage to hide your pores simply by using cushion compacts, the matte finish makes your skin looks glowing without any hassle.

Face Make-Up. Closeup Of Sexy Female Applying Dry Powder Foundation Looking In Mirror. Portrait Of Young Woman Putting Makeup Powder With Cosmetic Cushion On Her Facial Skin Indoors. High Resolution

4. Finish with concealer

Your skin is almost flawless after finished with primer and cushion compacts. Now, you just have to apply concealer to touch up the imperfections. Apply concealer on your large pores or redness with precision and blends seamlessly to give the appearance of a uniform complexion.


Concealer stick. Charming beautiful woman using concealer stick while putting makeup on


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