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If you’ve been scrolling through TikTok and Instagram lately, you’ve probably noticed that Latte makeup is taking over the storm. When it comes to viral makeup trends, there’s no denying that Latte makeup is one of the easiest to master!

Unlike other trends that focus on a single color, Latte makeup embraces a harmonious blend of rich browns, luminous tans, and dazzling golds. This combination works wonders to infuse your complexion with a cozy warmth and captivating dimension. No matter what you are going to work, having a vacation or a casual catch up with BFFs, Latte makeup just uplift the whole style of yours!

How to achieve “Latte Makeup” look?

To begin, immerse yourself in the monochromatic caramel hues, selecting shades that span your eye shadow, eyeliner, blush, and lipstick. This carefully curated palette will infuse your visage with a natural warmth, exuding the charm of the girl next door.

Once you applied the luminous foundation, it’s time to adorn your eyes with enchantment. The brown, beige, or bronze tones will grace your lids with their mesmerizing presence. For those seeking an extra touch of brilliance, shimmering eye shadows can create an illusion of amplified size of eyes.

Don’t forget your final touch- the lipstick! Opt for a matte texture rather than a glossy finish when aiming for the coveted Latte Makeup look. Because of the subtlety and elegance that defines the essence of Latte Makeup. Be bold to play with colours, because there are still caramel, beige or even warm orange under the selection of bronzers and brown shades.

What are “Latte Nails”?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2-27.jpg

Came after the Latte Makeup, Latte Nails exploded on TikTok and went viral recently. As the name implied, Latte Nails embrace a captivating array of neutral shades that draw inspiration from the world of coffee. Within this spectrum, you’ll find the essence of rich espresso, creamy milk, frothy foam, and that luxurious beige hue that arises when cream intertwines with coffee.

The key to achieving stunning Latte Nails aligns closely with the tips for mastering the Latte Makeup look. Just as you carefully select monochromatic shades for your makeup, the same principle applies to your nails. Opt for a harmonious selection of colors within the same family, ensuring that they complement each other flawlessly. Remember, simplicity is key — avoid overwhelming your nails with an excess of colors, as it can detract from the overall design and aesthetic.

Credit : swaknails @ Instagram

This is literally the Latte nails, and it’s so perfect to take a top shot with your coffee. To achieve this look, you only need soft brown and white colors. The key is to practice drawing the perfect shapes until you get it right. Remember, practice makes perfect!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 4-17.jpg
Credit : nailcocktail @ Instagram

Putting different shades on 10 nails is also a good idea if you are not good at drawing. You just have to add more shades of nail polish to the shopping basket!Image

Credit : thehotblend @ Instagram

French nails have long been regarded as a timeless classic. However, introducing a modern twist by replacing the traditional white tip with a chic brown hue can infuse your nails with a fresh and contemporary vibe. This updated take on French nails breathes new life into the beloved style, bringing a refreshing breeze of modernity to your manicure.


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