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The colour corrector is a secret tool for achieving a perfect complexion. With a swish of a brush, the colour corrector can help you hide skin imperfections like dark circles, pigmentation, and redness.

Not sure how to use colour correcting concealers? Here’s the beginner guide to colour correcting makeup for dark circles, dark spots, redness, and dullness.

What are colour correctors?

Colour correctors are concealers that have different pastel colours like purple or orange shade. It helps to disguise skin imperfections.

The basic rule of colour correcting is the opposite colours neutralize each other. For example, yellow and green colour correctors counteract red and purple undertones.


Green Colour Concealer

Suitable for: fair to mid skin tone

green color correcting concealer isolated on white

Green is the opposite colour of red. So, if you have any redness caused by pimples, rosacea, or other skin irritation. The green concealer or primer can disguise the unwanted redness.

Asian woman applying cosmetics makeup and using color correction concealer, Learning doing self makeup.

Orange Colour Concealer

Suitable for: warm and olive skin tones

orange colour corrector isolated on white

The orange colour corrector can neutralize the purple or blue hues undertone. If you have a blue dark circle or bruise, try to use orange or peach colour concealers.

how to use colour corrector to conceal dark circles

Peach Colour Concealer

Suitable for: Light to medium skin tones

peach ccolour corrector  isolated on white

Peach colour concealer is ideal for correcting dark circles with blue and purple hues too. It also helps to correct the pigmentation caused by ageing or sun damage. Compared to orange colour correctors, peach works better for lighter skin tones.

Purple Colour Concealer

Suitable for: fair to mid skin tone

purple colour corrector isolated on white

Purple neutralizes dull or swallows yellow undertones. You can apply the purple colour corrector on any areas that need to brighten like cheeks, forehead, or chin.


Find out more about different colour concealers.

How to apply Concealers?

The key point of applying concealer is less is more. Use layering to build up the coverage.

For the dark circles, use the concealer brush to draw a triangle under the eyes and then blend it out.

how to conceal dark circles

For the spots like acne scars, tap the concealer on each spot. Next, gently blend the edge of the concealer. It’s because if you blend the concealer from the centre, the coverage will not enough for the darker spot.

Wondering when to apply the concealer?

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