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Vacations are great for rejuvenating your mind and body, so the last thing you want is starting off your trip groggy, red-eyed and jet lagged after a long flight! To enjoy your holiday to the fullest, avoid these four common mistakes:   Mistake 1: Adjusting Your Biological Clock Right Before Departure Adjusting your schedule before departure just means you’re staying up late a day earlier. Instead, start adjusting your schedule 4 days before the trip, so your body gradually gets used to a different eating and sleeping routine. 0907 pic_1_0 Mistake 2: Taking Sleeping Pills Forcing yourself to sleep by taking pills only makes things worse! Sleeping pills will confuse your timetable and reduce your ability to adapt to the time zone change. 0907 pic_2_0 Mistake 3: Consuming Caffeinated Drinks or Alcohol Before Your Flight Alcohol dehydrates your body, while caffeinated drinks only boost your existing energy. Both will actually make your jet lag problem worse afterwards. 0907 pic_3_0 Mistake 4: Going to Bed Right After Your Flight Unless you arrive right at your destination’s bedtime, it’s always better to go out and walk around during the day. This way, your body can adjust to the new environment. Going to bed right after a long flight causes you to fall into a deep sleep, further worsening your jet lag problem. You might end up waking up at midnight! 0907 pic_4_0 Don’t let these mistakes keep you from enjoying your hard-earned vacation! Plan carefully so you can enjoy your trip while staying energised.        



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