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Working out can actually be a great tool for getting smooth and glowing skin because of the circulation benefits of exercise. However, you just don’t have time to shower between the gym and your 9 A.M. And you might see more harm than good on your face from your exercise routine. Pack the right post-sweat skin care in your gym bag to help you look good and feel great in no time.

#1 Tinted Moisturizer

The most important steps in your skincare routine after the gym is moisturizing. Wash your face and follow up with a spritz of refreshing toner. It helps fight redness and blemishes after the workout. Also, to avoid breakouts, the texture of your moisturizer needs to be light. Go for something that’s going to give you some coverage and have a nice sheen on the face but won’t feel thick and heavy.

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#2 Skin Wipes

Sweating may have a higher risk of clogged pores. If you notice your skin suffering from your sweat sessions, you need a contingency plan – Skin Wipes. Use wipes with salicylic acid—which decreases inflammation, decreases the skin and keeps follicles open. You can have a quick cleanse for the face and acne-prone areas of your body, like the chest and back, with skin wipes.

Baby wet wipes in a woman's hand.

#3 Dry Shampoo

When there’s no time to shower right away, dry shampoo will become a superhero for saving dirty strands. It requires zero time for a hair wash and dry. It absorbs the extra grease that helps create a natural texture of dirty hair.

Beautiful young girl applying hair spray on her hair, choosing a new hairstyle, looking seriously at the mirror, home bathroom interior. Beauty concept photo, lifestyle

#4 Deodorant

If you find you have a sweating issue, it’s time to start your deodorant game. Deodorants are the best option for anyone who sweats a lot. The point is when to apply it.  It is suggested to apply it the night or the morning before you workout. You should apply it after you’ve toweled off and your underarms have dried completely. The effect of the ingredients can stay active for around 24 hours.

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