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Non-stop sniffling, husky voice, there are too many sneezes to bother blessing. Nothing says ‘I’ve got a cold’ more than these unglamorous tell-tale signs.   


And even though most of us recover by locking ourselves away from humanity for a few days (with comfort food and box sets to hand) until we’re feeling better, sometimes that’s simply not an option. There might be a special occasion on the cards, where you’ll want to look picture-perfect or a meeting that you simply cannot miss no matter how gross you feel. With these quick-fix beauty tips, you can disguise the zombie-esque symptoms?

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Keep Hydrated

When you feel poorly on the inside, it can show on the outside. So to help you look your very best even when you’re far from glamorous, a little added moisture wouldn’t go amiss. Start by keeping on top track of your water intake, it is recommended to have 2 litres a day.  If the taste of plain water isn’t your favorite, try infusing with some fruit for flavor or a try a tasty alternative.

Give your complexion that dewy, plump finish by layering up with hyaluronic acid-infused products and your trusty moisturizer. Don’t forget about those chapped lips and keep them nourished with a soothing balm.

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Use of Tissue

When your nose is dripping like a tap it’s tempting to grab the first tissue in sight – and when you’re at work or on the go that can sometimes be toilet roll or worse, a kitchen towel. STOP! Always have a soft, lotion-treated tissue up your sleeve instead to help prevent any unsightly nose flaking.


If the damage has already been done, then take care of the sore area with moisturizer or fragrance-free lip balm. Prevent drying it out further by avoiding concealer, no matter how tempting it may be to cover up.

 1207 pic_3

Have Eyes Makeup

If your cold is keeping you up all night, you may be carrying more bags under your eyes than when you hit the shops on pay day. Lighten your load by investing in a hard-working eye contour lotion and fake that wide-eyed look with the help of eyelash curlers and mascara.

 1207 pic_4

Get Rid of Bloodshot Eyes

For bloodshot, itchy or streaming eyes, you might want to ditch the makeup in favor of eye drops.

 1207 pic_5

Fine Tune on Uneven Skin Tone

If someone has commented that you look tired, it’s probably because your skin is looking a little sallow, pale or uneven. Bring back the radiance by adding a little color correction into your base routine. Use green undertones to counteract redness, a peach blush to perk up sallow skin and a matte bronzer to bring a kiss of golden vibrancy to pale skin.  




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