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Coffee is the spiritual food for many people. When you are tired, a cup of coffee may help you to recover your power in short time. However, if you drink coffee in wrong way, it may make you more tired.

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Majority of people drink coffee just after wake up in order to prepare well for their full day work. In fact, coffee cannot be drink anytime when you want, if you really want to use coffee for refreshing, you need must grasp the golden time to drink.

According to the CNBC’s news report, you may be more tired if you drink a cup of coffee immediately after wake up. Mentioned by registered dietitian Laura Cipullo, our body produces large amounts of cortisol after a whole night sleep which can cause fear, fatigue and anxiety.  And caffeine in coffee will also increase cortisol in body. Thus, getting a cup of coffee early in the morning may not be a good choice as it may make you even more tired and feel anxiety.

However, cortisol levels in the blood vary a lot in one day, from the highest in the morning and lowest at night according to our activities during the day.  Of course, some people drink coffee at night may not be able to sleep well. Then, when should we drink coffee? Registered dietitian Laura Cipullo suggested that we can drink coffee for about three to four hours after wake up. It is the time when the cortisol index drops, and caffeine can be absorbed. It will be much better than drinking coffee immediately after wake up, can make you feel more refreshing. However, the best ways to have enough power during the day time, of course, still rely on adequate sleep!


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