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Weight loss can be quite challenging as it is required to cut back on calories. If you’re trying to decrease your total calorie intake, eating more low-calorie foods, such as certain fruits and vegetables, is an easy way to achieve that goal. You can lose weight by eating lots of the almost zero calorie foods as below.


Tomatoes can be served raw, cooked or stirred in tomato puree as a sauce. They are a great source of the antioxidant lycopene that brings in many health benefits like reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer. It is also rich in vitamin C, potassium, folate, and vitamin K. What is more, one cup of cherry tomatoes only has 27 calories that help you achieve your weight loss goal.

red tomatoes texture overhead. background vegetables


The texture of mushrooms is like a sponge that vegetarians and vegans will use them as a substitute for meat. Also, it is incredibly low calories that have only 15 per cup. And it is a good source of vitamin D, vitamin B6 and fiber that has a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition and improve your overall health.

Mushrooms: Mushrooms Isolated on White Background


When it comes to carrots, it is a very popular vegetable associated with good eyesight. It is a good source of beta-carotene, which can be converted to vitamin A and getting enough vitamin A is necessary for proper vision. It is found that it contains 22 calories per ½ cup.

fresh carrots isolated on white background. Clipping Path


It is a vegetable that you can find it with green or purple leaves. It contains only around 22 calories per cup. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers and several phytonutrients thought to boost cellular repair and block cancer growth. You can find it common as a salad ingredient.

Fresh shredded cabbage in wicker basket


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