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When you have sore throat, you may find it difficult to swallow as it’s too painful. The sore throat spray is one of the remedies to relieve the pain, soreness and discomfort.

Sore Throat: Causes & Symptoms

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Sore throat is often caused by viruses like cold or flu and is less likely to be caused by bacteria. Sometimes, laryngitis, tonsillitis, strep throat (a bacterial throat infection) or glandular fever may lead to sore throat too.

When you have sore throats, you may find it difficult to swallow as it’s too painful. You may also experience a mild cough with a dry scratchy throat or swollen neck glands.

sore throat symptons

Sore throat takes less than a week to get better but if it is not improving then you should go to see the doctor.

Sore Throat Spray Dos and Don’ts

Although a sore throat will get better within a week, it’s very uncomfortable and every swallowing is painful.

sore throat remedies

Apart from drinking soothing liquids like water, honey, or cool and soft foods like smoothies, you can use sore throat spray to relieve the pain (not to treat).

Most of the sore throat spray is anaesthetic. So you can find Phenol or benzocaine on the spray, which provides a numbing effect on the specific area within seconds. It can relieve pain, soreness and discomfort of the mouth, gums or throat.

Here are the dos and don’ts when you use the spray.

Teenage girl, schoolgirl or student, in warm woolen sweater, sitting on sofa at home, with sore throat, splashes medicine with throat spray. Respiratory disease treatment at home


  • Check expiry date before using .
  • Read the instructions carefully if you are using the medicine without a prescription.
  • Lift the nozzle inside your mouth and spray it to the back of the throat.
  • Be aware of that whether the liquid is needed to split out after spraying or not.


  • Don’t spray on breast areas if you are breastfeeding.
  • Dont’ use the spray if you are allergic to specific ingredients listed on the medicine label.

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