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Strawberry legs occur when small dark dots develop on the legs in a follicular distribution, so they resemble strawberry seeds. Strawberry legs is not a condition in itself, and is not usually itchy or painful. If you are experiencing pain or itching, please see a doctor as it may indicate the presence of an underlying condition.

Strawberry legs can be used to describe various skin conditions caused by:

  1. Shaving with old & dull razors
  2. Keratosis pilaris

1. Shaving with old & dull razors

The dark dots represent the hair follicles or enlarged pores that contain a mixture of oil, bacteria and dead skin (folliculitis) or hair trapped in them. Sloppy shaving technique with a dull razor may lead to the hair get cut at an angle, and when it grows back it look like a dark dot in the follicle. Razor burn can also cause folliculitis to develop.

To help with ingrown hairs, follow the following tips:

  • Make sure you skin is moist before you shave,
  • Use a single blade razor,
  • Use a moisturizing lather cream,
  • Shave in the direction of the hair, &
  • Use a thick moisturizer after
Strawberry Legs: Causes and How to Get Rid of Them

2. Keratosis Pilaris

If the dark dots are bumpy, it may represent that an excessive amount of keratin , a key component in skin, is retained in the follicle opening or pore. The keratin defect condition is known as keratosis pilaris. It is mostly a seasonal or episodic eruption in 10-15% of the population.

Keratosis pilaris

Home Remedies

How to prevent strawberry legs

Exfoliate regularly

First step you can take is exfoliate to ensure that you’re unclogging your pores from extra dirt and sebum, and getting rid of any dead skin cells. Both chemical exfoliator, such as products with ingredients like glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and other alpha-hydroxy and beta-hydroxy acids (AHAs and BHAs); and physical exfoliator such as body scrubs, luffa and exfoliating gloves would work well to loosen the top layer of the skin and decrease the debris.


Dryness in skin could make the condition more noticeable and make skin irritated more easily, causing an increase in appearance of the follicles. Use a body lotion or cream to hydrate your skin to restore lipids and water density in the hair follicles and surrounding skin.


Kills the hair at the root

Both waxing, epilator and laser hair removal could help lessen the appearance of strawberry legs. It also exfoliates to a small degree as some dead skin on the surface may be removed in the process.

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