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People looking to control their sugar intake will often give up on fruits. But fruit provides a lot of things we need like protein, fiber, or good fats. You can learn which fruits are lowest in sugar content so you can satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking the sugar bank. Read on to find out the best low-sugar fruits that can reduce your daily sugar intake.


Oranges are the excellent source of vitamin C. A medium-sized orange contains around 14 g of digestible sugar that won’t leave us with a sugar high. But for the orange juice bought from the supermarket, it may have sugars added. Therefore, for those who want to control their sugar intake, it is suggested to eat the fruit itself rather than drink its juice.

Slices of orange with leaves


This is the citrus fruit that doesn’t taste as sweet as a grape. It contains only 9 grams of sugar for half of grapefruit. It can be a great breakfast with this low-sugar fruit. In addition, grapefruit is full of nutrients that can provide health benefits for the skin, blood pressure, heart health, and disease prevention. It can increase energy and lower overall weight.

fresh grapefruit and slices backgroundCheck my other fruid and vegetable backgrounds:


When it comes to avocados, some may think avocados aren’t fruits. But avocados are indeed fruits and naturally low in sugar. They are almost sugar-free that contain about one gram of sugar per an entire avocado. The healthful fats and fiber from avocados can also keep you satiated.


Kiwifruits are rich in vitamin C and low in sugar that only with six grams of sugars. You can add it into a fruit salad as a healthy snack. The vitamin C in kiwifruits can help prevent damage caused by the sun and smooth wrinkles. It helps maintain your healthful looking skin.

Kiwi fruit on wooden background with copy space


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