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For the beginners, you may feel hard to motivate yourself to start exercising regularly. Many factors can affect your workout routine like you feel too tired after work, the weather is too hot or rainy. Here are some tricks for you to maintain a continuous workout routine more easily.

Woman running in the city

(1) Find a Workout You Enjoy

Our body will release “endorphins” after a workout to make us feel happy. But if the workout is too hard for you, you need to pay a higher price for those endorphins. Find some types of workout you enjoy, such as jogging, yoga, pilates, or even Zumba. So, you don’t have to force yourself to workout and you will be looking forward to it.

Dumbbells with mandarin and tablet computer. Healthy resolutions for the New Year 2019.

(2) Setting Mini-Goals

Think about your goals before starting an effective workout routine. You should avoid setting ambitious goals like getting six-pack abs or running a marathon, which you are more likely to give it up. Come up with some realistic and achievable goals is a key factor in getting healthier. You can set some mini-goals like going for a 2-hour workout 4 times a week or running 1km within 6 minutes.

Woman sport bra, leggins, sneakers and fitness tracker on neutral background. Sport fashion concept. Flat lay, top view

(3) Always Carry Workout Clothes

For beginners, even some small obstacles can affect your workout routine. For example, you have to go home after work and change into workout clothes before going to the gym. You can simply bring your workout clothes to work for evening workouts for a helpful solution. Or you can sleep in your workout clothes and workout in the morning before going to work.

Happy track running girl runner listening to music motivation with earphones getting ready for cardio training run on blue lane athletic tracks in stadium campus. Healthy Asian athlete.

(4) Play Some Music to Keep Your Energy Up

Research has found that playing music while exercising increases the duration of workouts for both men and women without a perceived increase in effort. Music can boost mood and encourage rhythmic movement. For an effective workout, research suggests faster music is more effective than slow music as a quicker beat could help amp up your pace.


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