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Well-defined brows help balance your face and make your makeup perfect. Here is the ultimate guide of shaping eyebrows by yourself like a pro. Just simply follow the steps below. It is not too difficult!

How to shape your brows at home. Makeup tips. Perfect eyebrow shape for your face.

Step (1): Define your eyebrows

You need to find out three points when shaping your eyebrow. They are the starting point, the arch and the end mark. Hold your eyebrow pencil vertically against the edge of your nostril. Point (1) is the starting point of your eyebrows. Then, measure from the outer edge of your nostril up to the highest point of your eyebrow at an angle. Point (2) is the arch of eyebrow. line up the edge of your nostril with the outer corner of your eye. Point (3) is the end mark.

Closeup Of Beautiful Glamourous Asian Woman With Professional Makeup Contouring Brows With Eyebrow Pencil.

(2) Draw the eyebrow shape

Now, you can connect the three points to draw the ideal eyebrow shape by using a precise eyebrow pencil. For the best eyebrow shape, use a pair of eyebrow tweezers to pluck stray hairs between your brows, under the arch or on your temples. You should avoid plucking too close to your eyebrows or you will ruin the eyebrow shape.

A young woman tweezing her eyebrows in front of a mirrorhttp://

(3) Find the right eyebrow shade and fill in your brows

Choose the right eyebrow shade based on your current hair colour. Generally, the colour of eyebrow pencil or powder should be one shade lighter or darker than your hair. Using an angled brush to draw short, light strokes to fill in gaps in your brow. Then, use a spoolie to blend your eyebrows for a natural finish. For fuller and groomed eyebrows, you can apply eyebrow gel to tame brows and make them keep in place.


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