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Eyebrows are so important to your face that they frame your entire face and highlight your best features. Nothing transforms a face like the shape of your eyebrows. Let’s keep your brow game strong and get perfect eyebrows by following these four easy tips.

#1 Shape & Tweeze

Embrace your natural brows. Your eyebrows are how they are for a reason and your original brow shape usually suits your face the best. Before tweezing, brush your brow hairs upward and slowly remove strays that fall outside of your natural shape. Do not over-pluck.

young brunette with short hair woman make-up. girl Cosmetic. Base for Perfect Make-up.Applying Make-up, correction and eyebrow styling. perfect eyebrows

#2 Give your brows a trim

Comb your brow hairs in an upward motion first to see which hairs are outgrown and need to be trimmed. Use a brow scissor and only trim one hair at a time, cutting only the long hairs that stick out above the top of your brow’s hairline. Continue until the brow hairs align with your natural brow shape.

0206 pic_

#3 Fake fuller brows

Filling in your eyebrows to make them look thicker, fuller and even more natural. Lightly brush your brow hairs with a spoolie, then line the bottom curve of your brows and fill in the sparse spots using a brow pencil to feather in some hairs.  Going too dark can actually age you, so you should go for a shade that matches your brow colour. Use a spoolie brush to blend in and soften the pencil marks.

0206 pic_3

#4 Keep your brows in place

Finish with a coating of clear brow gel to make sure your brows stay put all day. Simply swipe through your brows to tame your brows and hold hairs in place, as well as making them appear thicker and groomed.

Eyebrows Care. Closeup Of Woman Beautiful Blue Eye, Perfect Shaped Brow, Long Eyelashes With Professional Makeup And Brow Gel Brush. Young Female Model Shaping Brown Eyebrows. High Resolution Image

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