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There are tons of options when it comes to removing unwanted hair, from shaving to waxing to lasers. Here is a whole list of things that you can do to take care of your skin after hair removal to ensure your hair-free area stay irritation-free and smooth.

#1 Stay cool after shaving

A cold compress is the easiest way to prevent skin irritation and itchiness. Just splash cold water as soon as you finish shaving to calm your skin. Then, apply aloe vera gel to put moisture back into your skin right away, or use anything that contains soothing, cooling ingredients.

Dewy aloe slices on aloe stalks. You may also like:

#2 Soothe your skin after waxing

To reduce redness and swelling after waxing, be sure to avoid saunas, whirlpools and baths for the next couple of days. Try a cool shower instead. Apply coconut oil immediately after you shower to give your skin a boost, significantly reducing rashes, bumps and itching. Start exfoliating three or four days after waxing to avoid ingrown hairs caused by a build-up of dead skin cells.

Let's start my perfect day! Developed from RAW; retouched with special care and attention; Small amount of grain added for best final impression. 16 bit Adobe RGB color profile.

#3 Clean after using hair removal cream

Depilatory creams contain harsh chemicals that can irritate or burn your skin, so make sure you remove all traces of hair removal cream once you have finished. Rinse your skin with cool water thoroughly, and apply a body moisturizer right after to lock that moisture in.

Legs in the Shower

#4 Protect your skin after having laser treatment

Look after your skin probably by protecting the treated area from direct sunlight, as your skin has become more sensitive to the sun after laser hair removal. If you go outside, make sure you put on a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 before you leave the house. Be sure to keep your hands off the treated area and avoid going to the gym, stream within 48 hours after your hair removal session.

Female hands with sun protection cream. Skin care concept.

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