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Apart from cooking and skin care purpose, oil can also be used as a health supplement. Oil pulling is derived from India and has been a trendy health treatment in recent years. Let’s take a 2-minute glance at this trendy health care method to understand how it works.

Why it works

Bacteria consider as high lipophilicity, which means the ability of bacteria stick with oils or fats is higher than with water. Oils are also mush easier to fill in human mouth, gums and oral mucosa than water. And since the oils used for Oil pulling therapy are coconut oil, olive oil and sesame oil etc (which are regarded as high-quality oils as well), the nutrient from oils can be absorbed as the same time. So, oil pulling therapy is one of the easiest practices you can do it daily to keep your oral health.

Bottle pouring virgin olive oil in a bowl close up

How to do oil pulling

Get up and brush. Before eating breakfast in the morning, place a tablespoon of oil in your mouth for 10-20 minutes. The oil will turn milky white and spit it out into a trash can. Then, rinse your mouth with water or light salt water before eating or drinking anything.

olive oil

Benefits of oil pulling

‧ Detox and health care

‧ Strong gum health, improve the situation of tooth loosening and bleeding gums

‧ Improve skin and hair health

Close-up of female smile with healthy teeth


‧ Don’t spit the oil into a toilet or sink, since it can clog pipes.

‧ Do oil pulling consistently and you will see the result!

‧ Organic, Cold pressed and extra-virgin oils are recommended to oil pull.

Healthy happy woman rinsing and gargling while using mouthwash from a glass, During daily oral hygiene routine, Portrait with bare shoulders, Dental Health Concepts

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