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Bipolar disorder is complicated. It’s a mental health condition that can cause extreme mood shifts, both highs (mania) and lows (depression). There is no sure way to prevent bipolar disorder but there are ways to reduce the risk of getting it by increasing your mental resilience. 

#1 Exercise regularly

People who exercise regularly have better mental health and emotional wellbeing. When you work out, your body releases endorphins, which are known as the brain’s “feel-good” chemicals that make us feel good. Regular activity is no doubt an investment in your mind, body. Just half an hour of exercise per day is good enough to keep you staying healthy physically and mentally. How to make exercise more fun?  Invite a friend to be your workout buddy and any kind of exercise will do, for example, jogging, swimming, cycling or running.

Runners tying their running shoes and getting ready for long run

#2 Eat a healthy, balanced diet

What you eat can affect how you feel and eating the right foods can help support your mental health. Make sure you eat plenty of mood-boosting foods like fruits, fatty fish, leafy green vegetables, beans and whole grains, and cut mood-damaging foods out of your diet – think processed products, caffeinated, high-sugar drinks, alcohol. Keep in mind that eating well help decrease the risk of mood swings.

Fresh and colorful vegetables and fruits in a wooden crate

#3 Get adequate sleep

Lack of sleep can raise your risk of mental health problems. Given that a sleepless night can make you moody and it’s not surprising that chronic sleep debt may lead to serious mental disorder. How to get a good night’s sleep? Try to reduce blue light exposure two hours before bed, sleep and wake at consistent times, as well as take a melatonin supplement.

Gorgeous brunette lying under the covershttp://

#4 Relax & De-stress

Juggling various roles that you play in family and work is never easy. Often, days can get hectic, stress can increase. Be sure you find time to relax and reduce stress. From taking slow, deep breaths, soaking in a hot bath to practising mindful meditation, there are many ways to soothe your body and mind. People find different things relaxing. Just try and see what works best for you.

Cropped shot of a young woman practicing yogahttp://

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