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Childhood obesity is increasing throughout the world. What can be done to stop your child from growing up overweight or obese? There are a few tips that can help your kids develop healthy eating habits and maintain a healthy weight throughout life.

#1 Be a role model

Actions speak louder than words. Model the healthy habits you want for your children, like eating loads of fruits and vegetables, and they’ll be more likely to follow suit. If you are eating poorly or skipping meals your child is going to pick up on it. Here are a few healthy eating habits you can set a good example for your children.

  1. Turn the TV off while you are eating
  2. Drink water and milk instead of soda
  3. Eat vegetables, lean meats with every meal
  4. Limit desserts

Father and son having fun in the kitchen while preparing healthy food

#2 Keep your children active

Regular physical activity can help your child achieve and maintain a healthy weight. You may consider making physical activity part of your family’s normal routine. How to get the whole family moving together? Limiting “screen time” means you and your kids have more time to exercise together. Now, let these creative ideas help you turn every day into an opportunity to get fit and have fun together as a family.

  1. Go for post-dinner walks
  2. Walk the dog
  3. Turn TV commercials into fitness breaks
  4. Walk or run for charity

Low angle view of a little boy and his family walking the dog through the sand dunes.

#3 Snack smart

Keeping healthy snacks around in your home to help everyone in the family maintain a healthy weight. Even if your child takes time to eat three meals a day, he or she may still feel hungry at times. So, you should teach your child how to make healthy snack choices. This means choosing apples, bananas and carrots instead of chocolate cookies or chips.

Close-up of kid eating carrot during breakfast. Healthy diet for child concept

#4 Forget clean plate rule

Don’t force kids to finish meals. Let your kids stop eating when they feel they’ve had enough. Otherwise, your kids are more likely to overeat and become less sensitive to feeling full. Also, encouraging your children to eat slowly, chewing their food well and pausing between mouthfuls help lower the risks of being overweight and obese. It is because when you eat fast, it’s much easier to eat a lot more food than your body really needs.

Two sweet children, boy brothers, having for lunch spaghetti at home, enjoying tasty food


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