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Being fit is everybody’s goal during the summer. Wait, how do we define fit? Does being thin mean fit? Rather than being fit, your body should be strong enough to for you to get active in different kinds of activity. When it comes to healthy body weight, you have to know your ideal body mass index which is measured by your height and weight. Keep reading down to learn how to reach healthy body weight!

1. Stay and get active

The equation of maintaining a certain weight is simple, your calories intake should be equal to or less than the calories you consume. As we all know when we get older, our metabolism will slow down. So, the only solution is to stay active or get active in order to burn more calories in a faster way. To stay active or get active, you don’t have to be a Marathon runner, yet, simply committing yourself 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week. You don’t have to do it all together, why not do 30 minutes session of cardio for 5 days?

Asian women are relaxing out of the running exercise. She is looking sun

2. Avoid random snacking

It is always tempting to snacking on the couch after a long day of work. But, most of the snacks are very unhealthy and contains trans fats and refined carbohydrates, such as sweet snack, fried food, and fast food. Since they are some “empty calories” which makes you only feel satisfied for a while, you feel starving after 30 minutes and try to eat again. If you don’t want to absorb more calories than you need, avoid random snacking is the rule of thumb in healthy weight management.

Selection of many types of savory snacks in white ceramic dishes and glasses.

3. Cut out high calorie drinks

We might be very careful about what we eat, yet, high calories drinks are what we always overlook. When it comes to high-calorie drinks, they come from all form, be it some brew teas in the coffee shop, juice, sodas, and alcoholic drinks. Think about the daily drinks you consume, they may contribute more than 300 calories you intake. The best way is to cut out all high-calorie drinks, instead, you can replace by calories free brew tea, lemon water and of course plain water!

A woman is drink water after fitness

4. Increase fruit and vegetable intake

As we mentioned, we always consume some empty calories keeps us eating and gain a few inches on our waist. What should we eat instead? We should consume foods that are in low calories but full of nutrition, such as vegetables and fruits. They are rich in fiber and quality proteins which satisfies your appetite.

Vegetarian healthy food background.


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