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We sit in front of the computer and work for long hours in office every day. If your sitting posture is improper, you may suffer from tight shoulders. We are going to introduce you 5 shoulder stretching exercises to fix tight shoulders.  

Attractive happy young woman working out indoors. Side view portrait of beautiful model doing yoga exercise on blue mat. Standing in Tadasana, Mountain Pose. Full length

Exercise #1: Shoulder Rolls

Step 1: Keep your body straight while standing or sitting.


Step 2: Bring your shoulders forward and inward.


Step 3: Lift your shoulders and roll backward. Repeat 10 times.


Step 4: Bring the shoulders backward and inward.


Step 5: Lift your shoulders and roll forward. Repeat 10 times.

cheering woman open arms under  sunrise on beach

Exercise #2: Chest Release

Step 1: Open your arms with your palms facing forward.

Step 2: Raise your arms slightly below your shoulder height.

Step 3: Rotate your hands slowly at the wrists until your fingers turn behind you.

Step 4: Take 5 breaths.

Young attractive woman practicing yoga, standing in One Sided Fold exercise, Ardha Parsvottanasana, Half Pyramid pose, working out, wearing black sportswear, cool urban style, full length, grey studio

Exercise #3: Pyramid

Step 1: Step back your left foot. Fully rest it on the ground.

Step 2: Step forward your right foot enough to straighten your legs. Align your heels.

Step 3: Clasp your forearms behind your back.

Step 4: Lean your upper body forward.

Step 5: Take 5 breaths. Rise and then release.

Step 6: Repeat all steps above in another direction.

beautiful fitness woman working out, studio shot

Exercise #4: Squat

Step 1: Ground your feet slightly wider than your shoulder width. Point your toes forward.

Step 2: Lift your arms straight and parallel with the ground. Your palms face down.

Step 3: Exhale. Bend and slightly open your knees. Don’t go deeper than 90 degrees.

Step 4: Look forward. Keep your back straight and your hip back.

Step 5: Take 2 breaths. Rest for 10 seconds.

Step 6: Repeat all steps above for 3 times.

Female with pain back pain and neck pain, Isolated over grey background

Exercise #5: Standing Side Bend

Step 1: Stand tall and ground your feet.

Step 2: Put your left hand beside your head.

Step 3: Push your head and body to the right-hand side until your shoulders and body feel stretched.

Step 4: Take 5 breaths.

Step 5: Repeat all steps above in another direction.


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