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A Sore throat is a common health issue related to a cold. It can also be a symptom of more serious conditions. It is suggested to see your doctor for the best treatment if you find the below symptoms applied to you.

Abnormal Ear Pain

The ear and throat are connected to your body.  Therefore, if you have tonsillitis or an infection like mono or strep throat, you might have throat and ear pain when you swallow. In other words, you may have Tonsillitis.

When is a Sore Throat a More Serious Infection?


It starts as a persistent tickle in the back of your throat. You will also feel a prickly sensation every time you swallow. It indicates an early illness and may be a warning sign of the flu. When it comes to treating a sore throat, you can try drinking hot tea or soup and warm saltwater to help reduce swelling and discomfort.

When to worry about sore throat?

The sore throat spray is one of the methods to relieve sore throat, check out how to use it.


Runny nose

A runny nose can be annoying and uncomfortable that will make you reach for the tissue box every few minutes and interrupt your daily life.

You can try to have a hot steam inhalation to lean over the water and breath in the steam to help treat a runny nose. And a hot bath can also help relax the muscles of your body.

When to worry about sore throat?

Headache/ Fever

Headaches are common and usually nothing to worry about. But the combination of a fever and a headache may be a sign of a serious infection. A sore throat can often be caused by fever.

It may be the suffering from a viral or bacterial infection. If you find your temperature measures over 37°C, seek medical attention urgently.

When to worry about sore throat?

Body aches

Body aches are also one of the common symptoms of getting a more serious infection. At first, you may mistakenly blame body aches on your recent workout or sleeping position.

Body aches show anywhere in the body like in the head, back, and legs. Rest can strengthen your immune system and help you fight the virus. You can take a few days off from work or school and stay in bed to get better from body aches.

When to worry about sore throat?

According to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC), if you or your child have any symptoms of the following, please also go to see a doctor immediately.

  • Frequently recurring sore throats
  • Drooling/ Difficulty breathing or swallowing/
  • Blood in saliva or phlegm
  • Dehydration
  • Joint swelling and pain

Disclaimer: Please consult your physician for personalized medical advice. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions regarding a medical condition.

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