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How can you keep your skin hydrated and soft in an in-flight environment that’s drier than a desert? Here are four easy tips to remember.

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Stick to products your skin is familiar with

On planes, the unstable air quality can be irritating to your skin, especially if you’ve inadvertently chosen a skincare product that’s new to your skin. Don’t get your vacation off to a bad start that’s totally avoidable!

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Bring Your Own Rinse-Free Facial Cleanser

Since the air quality on planes isn’t always the freshest, and the water quality on planes isn’t always the cleanest, why not bring your own rinse-free facial cleanser? Another great option: use makeup remover wipes that are gentle on the skin.

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Moisturise Your Nasal Passages with Vaseline or a Mask

Dry aircraft cabin air can cause your nose to run. This can be even worse if you suffer from allergies. Dip a Q-tip in Vaseline and rub a thin layer around your nostrils (but don’t go too deep!). This will block allergens from getting into your nose. You can also use a mask to keep your nasal passages moist.

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Moisturise Your Eyes and Lips Too

Don’t forget to take care of your delicate eyes and lips! Take off your contact lenses during the flight, as the dry cabin air can cause pressure to your eyes. And of course, use plenty of moisturizing cream around your eyes, as well as a lip balm to keep your beautiful lips hydrated.


You’ll get the most out of your trip if your skin is in its best condition, stay healthy so all your vacation pictures will come out perfect!






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